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重点卫生 需要

心脏病 & 中风
心理健康 & 精神障碍
Exercise, 营养, & 重量
The 2021 CHNA Annual Report highlights the accomplishments that 网上买球软件 Medical Center has made in addressing these top four priority health needs within our community: cancer, 心脏病 & stroke, mental health & mental disorders, and exercise, nutrition, & 重量.

Here is what the Community Wellness team has done to address these priorities:

  • Skin cancer screenings
    • In 2021, we were able to refer 10 patients for follow-up appointments with a specialist regarding potential abnormalities on their skin.
  • 2021糖尿病博览会
    • The Community Wellness team and our community partners gathered for a socially distanced outdoor expo that hosted vendors delivering diabetic education and management resources, as well as live informational sessions from endocrinologists.
    • This event was a success, with over 130 participants. The Calvert County Lion’s Club was able to perform 18 hearing and eye exams for the public.

2020 Community 健康 需要 Assessment Report