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前列腺癌 Resources
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The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It produces the liquid in semen in which sperm live.

What are the symptoms of 前列腺癌?
It's not unusual for there to be no clear symptoms until the cancer is advanced, but later symptoms can include problems with urinating, blood in the urine or semen and erectile dysfunction.

How is 前列腺癌 diagnosed?
Screening tests include a digital examination and a blood test, the PSA. An ultrasound or biopsy may follow.

What are the treatments for 前列腺癌?
Some 前列腺癌s can be safely watched, such as a very slow-growing tumor that isn't expected to shorten life in an older man. For a faster-growing cancer or cancer found in a younger man, some of the treatments may include surgery, 辐射, chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

What if 前列腺癌 treatment leads to erectile dysfunction?
Surgery can cause erectile dysfunction, 但如果发生这种情况, it can be addressed with drugs, implants and other treatments.

What are the risk factors for 前列腺癌?
It most commonly occurs in older men. African-American men are more likely to develop this cancer than are men of other races.

What are some additional resources for learning about 前列腺癌?
If you or your loved one is facing 前列腺癌, 网上买球软件 has a whole range of services designed to help you so you never take this journey alone. Please talk to your 网上买球软件 provider or your Nurse Navigator, or check the service pages for information about treatments, services and support groups.

You may also find more information on 前列腺癌 from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.